Brigit Saint Brigit Theatre Co. COVID Requirements and Guidelines

   Live theatre is a partnership between the artist and the audience. In order to realize the journey the playwright intends, the director interprets, and the actors and crew fulfill, requires a suspension of disbelief on your behalf-- and that takes trust. Trust that you are safe to enjoy, to feel, to forget...

  At BSB there is nothing we take more seriously than this trust. And just as we ensure the safety of our our actors, our crew, and our staff, so will we take every conceivable measure to ensure your safety.

All BSB actors, crew and staff are fully vaccinated. BSB requires patrons to join us in providing proof of vaccination and in wearing nose and mouth coverings, indoors, for all performances until current circumstances change.

Point -by- Point

  • All actors, crew and BSB Staff are fully vaccinated.

  • BSB requires all patrons to join us in providing proof of vaccination (POV) for all performances this season.

  • Due to the rapid spread of the Delta variant, all patrons must wear face masks, indoors, (regardless of vaccination status) until further notice.

  • Season Ticket holders can be pre-approved and not required to provide POV at the door.

These policies will be updated as circumstances and recommendations evolve.