"I can no other answer make but thanks, And thanks"  ~Twelfth Night

Ard Ri (Ard Ree) – High King/Queen - $5000-30,000

American National Bank

Anonymous Production Sponsor

Canonical Blue

Collective for Youth

IBM Corporation

Ryan and Kathleen Moats

Bruce Reneaud and Kerry Dobson

The Sherwood Foundation

Fred and Eve Simon Charitable Trust

The Estate of Annie F. Zinn


Ollamh (Ulum) – Professor - $1000-4999

The Richard and Frances Juro Charitable Fund

The Lozier Foundation

Drs. Edward and Victoria Roche

Sandra Squires


Aos Dana – Tribe of The Learned - $500-999

Jim and Anne Carroll

Cathy Murphy-Barron and Steven L. Barron

Marianne and Tom Culhane

Bonnie J. Hickey

Todd Simon

Ard File – (Ard-FEE-la) – High Poet - $250-499

George and Kathleen Bigelow

Bill Gaus

Bonnie J. Hickey

Jeanne and Steve Miller

Dr. Richard F. Murphy

Mark Howard Schulze


Filidh – Bard - $100-249

Robert Binhammer

Michael Byrne

Dr. Michael Carroll

James and Joan Chambers

Anthony Deeb

Terry Doughman

Drs. Bruce and Karen Garver

Carl and Belinda Greiner

James Jansen

The Johnson Livingston Fund

Jim and Donna Kalar

Dr. Mary Longo

McNally-Zavitz Family

Marten Mejstrik

William Minier

Richard and Catherine Pedersen

Robert and Patricia Ranney

Pegeen Reilly

Dr. Kathleen Rettig

Robert and Sheila Runyon

Paulette Sandene

Dr. Michael Skau

Drs. Brent and Jonis Spencer

Paul and Mary Stultz

Mr. Joel Wentworth and Dr. Laurey Steinke

Linda White

Evelyn Whitehill

Seanachie – Storyteller - $50-99

Norm and Eunie Denenberg

Tim Driscoll

Marilyn Gillen

Cynthia Hadsell

Ann Hosford

Patricia and Francis Ketterson

Pauline and Terry Pesek

Susan Rothholz

Neil Runyon

Sheila Rynaski

David Sindelar

Joel Wentworth

Evelyn Whitehill

Scott Working

Clanaad – Clan - $10-49

Jimmy Albin

Kit Barrett

Craig Bond

Lynne Chesire

Scott Christensen

Terry Doughman

Melanie and Patrick Ennen

Eric Griffith

Richard A. Hunt

Anna Jordan

James and Lynn Martin

Mele Mason

Jennifer McGill

Patricia Meisinger

Jim and Judy Peistrup

Mary Lou Ruh

Neil Runyon

Ashley Spessard

Mary Stultz

Cary Tobin

Amanda Urban

Gifts on Behalf of Others

$100 - From Ellen Hargus,

In Honor of Bill Gaus


$25 - From Mary Lou Ruh,

In Memory of Joseph Miloni


$100 - From Margaret Trysla,

In Memory of Henry Trysla, a BSB supporter since 1993


$100 - From Gerald D. Zavitz,

For all our wonderful grandkids