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devised by Christopher Luscombe and Malcolm McKee, 
for the Royal Shakespeare Company

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MAY 3rd-24th

This production is presented in cooperation with the Joslyn Castle and with the generous support of Mutual of Omaha and an Anonymous donor.

Noel Coward, Monty Python, Fry & Laurie, Stephen Sondheim, Cole Porter--

and William Shakespeare?



A little song, a little dance, a lot of delightful silliness and satire, with a splash of elegance, and you have the RSC's Shakespeare Revue, Brigit Saint Brigit's celebration of WS, spring, and the vicissitudes (PIT-falls--pun intended) of producing the Bard.

Directed by Eric Salonis

Featuring Laura Leininger-Campbell, Delaney Driscoll, Eric Grant-Leanna and John Hatcher. Join us!


PLAYERS in rep:

Actor: "What light through yonder window breaks?"

Actress: "The raven himself is hoarse . . . "

Actor: (whispering) "It's not Duncan, dear, it's Romeo.  It's Tuesday."


COSTUMERS: "Another lousy doublet; another stupid ruff. We're connoisseurs of Shakespeare, though we can't stand the stuff."


USHER:  "Another tempting range of official merchandise: The 'Gloucester's Eyeball" key ring--Just squeeze it and it cries; the Lady Macbeth handsoap; and though I find it weird, on every style of shirt there's a bald man with a beard."


PROPERTY MISTRESS: "Another court to furnish, another list of props. They're not the sort of items you'd find in mainstream shops.  A clack-dish and a bird-bolt, two gorgets and a tuck--I think that the director should take a flying---visit---around some local shops.

A piano and 5 actors, delivering songs--with slightly altered lyrics (Coward, Sondheim, Porter, et. al.)--and scenes (Python, Fry & Laurie, among others--including William Shakespeare) will make for a deliciously comic May evening at the Joslyn Castle.



Sunday Times  "Scintillatingly funny. . . absolute bliss."


The Daily Telegraph "What's remarkable about the whole evening is that beyond the often irreverent laughter there are frequent glimpses of Shakespeare's matchless beauty and depth of feeling."


Time Out  "[A] glittering, cabaret-style musical concoction of hilarious sketches and show-stopping numbers."  ". . . terrifically entertaining, laugh-out-loud funny.  . . . It leaves you feeling warm and joyful – and marveling at the way Shakespeare can inspire and delight almost anyone anywhere."

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