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Dr. Lisabeth Buchelt

Medieval Nineteenth-Century British and Irish Studies, Department of English: University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO)

Dr. Michael Carroll

Professor Emeritus, Irish Studies, Department of English and Goodrich Scholarship Program: UNO


Dr. Fidel Fajardo-Acosta

Comparative and Medieval Literature, Department of English: Creighton University


Dr. Bruce Garver

Professor Emeritus, European Studies; Chair, Department of History: UNO

Dr. Karen Garver

History Department and Division of Continuing Studies: UNO

Dr. Bridget M. Keegan

Comparative Literature, Romantic and Eighteenth-Century British Literature, Department of English; Dean of Arts and Sciences: Creighton University

Dr. Richard Murphy

Professor Emeritus, Biomedical Sciences: Creighton University; Former Professor, Queen’s University, Belfast

Dr. Tatyana Novikov

Professor of Russian, UNO

Dr. Kathleen Rettig

Medieval Literature, Renaissance English Literature, and Women’s Studies, Department of English: Creighton University

Dr. Michael Skau

Modern British Literature, Twentieth-Century American Literature, and Beat Generation Writers, Department of English, Professor Emeritus: UNO

Dr. Brent Spencer

Department Chair and Director of the Creative Writing Program, English Department, Creighton University

Professor Evelyn Whitehill

Scholar-in-Residence, Creative Arts and Communications: College of Saint Mary

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