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When:  Tuesday and Wednesday, April 2nd and 3rd

Where:  First Central Congregational Church, 421 S. 36th St.



Rehearsals begin:  Week of April 15th at FCC Church

Performances:  May 29, 30, 31, June 2, 3, (no 4), 5, 6, and 7

Venue: Joslyn Castle Carriage House

Director:  Cathy Kurz


NORA HELMER (lead):  Title role. Age-range played, 20s-early 30s.  High energy, quick-witted. Naive in some ways, but also intelligent and intuitive. She isn't a victim or a "child woman" though sometimes she may play the "child" part. 


TORVALD HELMER (lead): Nora's husband. Age-range played, late 20s through 30s.  Essentially a man of his time (late 19th century) who unthinkingly takes on the Victorian roles/values assigned to him, including trumped-up ideas re men/women.  But he's also crazy about Nora (and she, about him).  Underneath, her liveliness and free-spirit appeal to what he surrendered about himself when he became "the patriarch."  In the production, we have to be able to see why she is attracted to him.


DR. RANK (supporting): A physician and family friend. Age-range played, late 40s-60s.  Flinty, charming, dry sense of humor.  Rank is a close friend of both Torvald and Nora and is secretly in love with her.  Nora is close to Rank, in part because she feels free to talk to him in ways she couldn't with her husband.  Though he doesn't appear sickly (or deranged), he is dying of syphilis, which he inherited.


KRISTINE LINDE (supporting): An old school friend of Nora's. Age-range played, late 20s-early 30s.   A widow who's come from a small village into town looking for office work.  Conflicted and sometimes embittered by the conventions responsible for her low status, she struggles to balance her values with manipulations that might be necessary to ensure survival.


ANNE-MARIE (featured): The nanny who reared Nora and now helps her with house and children.  Age-range played, 50s on up.  Kind-hearted, eagle-eyed.  She took on the job of rearing Nora after A-M had to give up her own child because she was unmarried and couldn't afford to keep her.  (Note that in this production, the "Maid's" lines have been re-assigned to Anne-Marie.)


Translation/Adaptation: We'll be using the Frank McGuinness adaptation of the play produced on Bdwy in 1997. The translator is Charlotte Barslund.


There are 3 doors to the church--which do I enter?  Out of the 3 on the west side of the church (facing 36th), come up onto the BIG porch and enter the south door--the one on your right as you're walking toward the bldg.


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