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Brigit Saint Brigit Theatre Co. Health Protection Policy and Guidelines 2023

   Live theatre is a partnership between the artist and the audience requiring a suspension of disbelief  and trust. Trust that you are safe to enjoy, to feel, to forget. At BSB there is nothing we take more seriously than this trust. Just as we ensure the safety of our our actors, our crew, and our staff, we also take every conceivable measure to ensure the safety of ALL our patrons.


We continue to require patrons wear nose and mouth coverings, for all indoor performances through the end of the 2022-2023. This policy is reviewed and revised on a show-by-show basis to account for ever-changing conditions.


  We believe masks are a simple, easily adopted preventative measure serving the most vulnerable among us without singling out those with disability or susceptibility to illness.


Thank you for your understanding and continuing to do your part to help keep us all safe and healthy.


  • All actors, crew and BSB Staff are fully vaccinated.

  • All patrons must wear face masks, indoors.

  • BSB maintains protective measures geared toward keeping the most vulnerable safe.

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