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Joslyn Castle/ Carriage House

3902 Davenport Street, 68131

In 1903, George and Sarah Joslyn completed one of Nebraska’s greatest homes—a 35-room Scottish Baronial mansion atop a hill on Omaha’s outskirts. The four-story house is the perfect venue for many of BSB’s classic productions, boasting the rich use of carved wood, stained glass, chiseled stone, mosaic tiles, and wrought iron. With the addition of a music room (where we have produced a great many evenings of theatre) in 1906, the house totals 19,360 square feet. From Shakespeare to Chekov to Pinter, this Historic Landmark of Omaha is a major character in every play staged here and—depending on the time of year you experience it—portrayls a different depth, warmth and gravitas to compliment a myriad of different work.

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