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Irish Festival Events Kick Off This Tuesday!

In addition to our wonderful production of SIVE, by John B. Keane, our 3rd Annual Irish Festival is host to one-of-a-kind events that you won't find anywhere else but Brigit Saint Brigit! Our theme this year is rememberance and revitalization. All events take place in the beautifully restored 40th Street Theatre located at 4008 Hamilton Street.

Read below to learn more about the specific events or make a reservation now! Seats are going fast!


Tues., February 23rd @ 7:30pm (CLICK HERE)

Sun., February 28th @ 7:30pm (CLICK HERE)

On Easter Monday morning of 24 April 1916, Dubliners woke to find that parts of their city had been taken over by groups of armed people calling themselves the Irish Volunteers. Many of these armed civilians who set up military positions at various points around Dublin—a biscuit factory, a park, people’s homes, a pub, the General Post Office—were scholars, poets, schoolteachers, and playwrights, not soldiers. The citizens of Dublin were completely unprepared for the week of violence that followed as the British soldiers arrived to put down the rebellion.

This engaging One-Act performance, conceived by Lisabeth Buchelt and Richard Murphy, and featuring Drs. Buchelt and Murphy, along with Eric Griffith, incorporates material from the journal of an eyewitness, the play Cathleen Ni Houlihan, and the poetry of William Butler Yeats, to create a performance piece that looks to capture the realism and confusion of the event, along with the lyrical poignancy of the aftermath as Dubliners came to appreciate the heroic spark that ignited Ireland’s march to independence from Britain that was the Easter Rising of 1916.

Tues., March 1st @ 7:30pm (CLICK HERE)

Sun., March 6th @ 7:30pm (CLICK HERE)

Come spend an evening with John Hargiss as he delights you with stories of the 40th Street Theatre’s incredible past and transformation in coming back to life. Learn how he and his wife, Mary Thorteinson, unearthed the soul of a building forgotten by time and revived this almost-forgotten piece of Omaha’s colorful history. As we celebrate 100 years of Ireland’s independence, remembering the story of the 40th Street Theatre’s own, remarkable 100-year journey seems all too joyful a tale not to rejoice in—especially in our increasingly “disposable” age.

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