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True Hope Is Swift, And Flies with Swallow's Wings

Brigit Saint Brigit (BSB) is a bit of an odd duck in the Arts community. Less an establishment, organization or company, in the traditional sense of those words, BSB has been the intimate expression of two individuals. For three decades, the mantle of responsibility, artistic and practical, has never changed hands. Despite different venues from season to season (and sometimes from show to show) the experience for you, our audience, has never wavered. This is BSB. Our DNA is people—the myriad of remarkable actors, designers, artists and friends—who have each shared their time, their talent and lent their individual voices to the stories we tell. We are BSB.

This has cut both ways during the pandemic. On one hand, for those of us whose life's work has been fueled by the power and production of live theatre, the past year has seen us wrestle with the unthinkable: that this cherished ritual might disappear altogether. BSB supports three employees responsible for the direct arts/education activity we provide. Aside from the emotional impact on all of us, two of those employees rely solely on BSB to survive. Through the generous support of our patrons, the Nebraska Arts Council, and CARES Act funding programs, we have managed to stay afloat and our educational outreach never ceased, despite last season being the first time since our inception where we were not in production.

On the other hand, we have tried to view this time as a hiatus to regroup and reflect. So much has evolved in our community. Voices not heard and artists without access are now front and center in our minds. Because we have always kept our aspirations tightly focused—no buildings, just stories—we have been fortunate enough to put energy into our personal growth in terms of what we can offer as individual artists. We believe we can go beyond simply embracing the challenges in restoring a return to live theatre and renew our commitment to revitalizing the classics while helping break down the systemic disparities in our own house that have kept so many from sharing their talents with us.

Today, with the advent of safe and effective vaccines, we ever-cautiously embrace optimism and begin to plan our 28th season with the expectation of opening our first production, this September, in the historic chapel at First Central Congregational Church. Selecting the plays presents new considerations due to the ever-changing circumstances of the pandemic and the important opportunities we are excited to offer.

In May, BSB’s Musings Newsletters will return via email (now that we have actual news to share!) We will provide news, information about our upcoming DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) opportunities, announce season titles as they are chosen, and share archival material to whet your appetite for our return.


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