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30 Years: BSB in Ireland

Two Nights Only

Directed by Murphy Wulfgar

February 23 & March 2, 2023

First Central Congregational Church


A 2 Night-Only special look at BSB’s three decades of outstanding Irish theatre in Omaha. Irish playwrights and stories have been a cornerstone of BSB since its beginning in 1993. This special fundraising event-- featuring live readings from reunited casts, conversations and more-- celebrates the past while looking forward to another 30 years!

Featuring: Kevin Barratt, Tom Becker, Laura Campbell, Terry Doughman, Jeremy Earl, Eric Grant-Leanna, Eric Griffith, Carol Knoepfler, David Mainelli, Eric Salonis, Charleen Willoughby, Scott Working, Murphy Wulfgar, and Aaron Zavitz.

Check out the 30 Years in Ireland gallery while you wait for February 23rd!

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