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"Betrayal" Opening Delayed One Night

The bad news: Tonight’s (June 13th) opening performance of Harold Pinter’s “Betrayal” has been cancelled. Due to an AC issue at the Joslyn Castle, they have closed tours for the day and our performance space for tonight’s opening has become an unsafe environment in the current heat. Repairs are underway and we have every intention of opening the play tomorrow night, Tuesday, June 14th!

The good news: To make up for tonight’s loss, we are adding a performance this Thursday, 6/16 @ 7:30 PM!

If you had a reservation for this evening's performance, you can easily reschedule online HERE!

You can also contact Murphy Scott Wulfgar @ or call the BSB phone line (402) 502-4910 if you would prefer to reschedule that way.

Thanks, as always, for your patronage and understanding.


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